Custom Tailored

As Your Needs Change, We Change With you!

Employee Management

Employees can have complex scheduling needs. We custom tailor the NVR Scheduler to fit your company's needs.


Set minimum and maximum for shift hours, week hours, overtime hours, shifts in a row, opens, closes or anything thing else your employee's needs*


Our 4 Week availabilty calendars allow you set availablity for complex employee schedules based on 4 weeks. Auto scheduling trackes theses settings for each week a schedule is run. Great for when employees have specific needs. (e.g. Anna can not work every other Saturday)

Employee Profile Card

Anna Smith

  • Mason
  • 555-555-5555
Default Shifts

Set default shifts that place employees in specific shifts to ensure you have the right resources in the right place at the right time.

Employee Portal

Allow employees to view their schedule, request time off, update contact information, and notification preferrences (text, email) from anywhere

Company Settings

Wood Orchard Market
Holiday Events

Set Holiday and Event dates that effect your scheduling. When creating schedulings, viewing schedules or printing schedules, these dates will be highlighted

Scheduling Rules

Regulations, policies, and processes all determine how your work schedule is created. It can get complicated very quickly. Experience, overtime status, locations, employee age can affect how and when employees are placed. We custom tailor the scheduler to fit your company's specific rules for scheduing.